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 Joker'sLair Test Results

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Joker'sLair Test Results Empty
PostSubject: Joker'sLair Test Results   Joker'sLair Test Results EmptySun Dec 07, 2014 3:28 am

The Test

King of Calamity VS Joker'sLair
Decks: Hermit Spin VS Infernoidsworn
Result of duel: Testee lost: 1-2

Deck Build (Including Side): 9/14
The build itself seems stable and easily capable of using it's cards. Suffering from the same pitfalls as any other deck reliant on mill.

Card Count: 4/4 – This deck held 40 cards with reliable copies and an engine capable of allowing their effective use.
Main Deck/Extra Deck:  5/5– The deck has and can use the tech cards reliably. Steady Special summon as well as effective normal summoning to allow for effective play.
Side Deck: 0/5 – Sadly there is no side deck for this build. I'd like to see what kinds of card would fill it out.

Duel: 15/20
There was not a single misplay, each card was used properly though it appeared as though the deck does stagger early game.

Attitude: 2/2– Great attitude, very genial.
Concentration: 10/10 – No misplays that I could see even when using recently released OCG cards.
Control of duel: 3/8 – Control was never taken from the tester. Even with reliable special and normal summon the deck lacked the push to overcome unstable field presence and flicker effects.
Siding Skills: 0/4 – No side. Deck.

Rulings 3/10

Total 27/50

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Joker'sLair Test Results Homura-akemi-puella-magi-madoka-magica-homura-1455893645
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Joker'sLair Test Results
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