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 Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Sat May 24, 2014 6:19 pm


1) No unnecessary posts. Please note that this includes spamming and flooding.
1a) No one-word replies. (Why, wtf, lol, 8D, >8D, etc)
1b) No insulting others at any point.
1c) No double-posting. The only time double-posting is allowed is if the two posts were 24+ hours apart and you're trying to bump the thread.
1d) No reviving topics that have been dead for a week.
1e) Religion is NOT to be discussed at any point. I have my beliefs, you have yours. Let's not discuss them.
1f) There is to be no adult material whatsoever.
2) No backseat moderating/administrating.
2a) If you have a problem with a member and you've already tried working it out, talk to an admin. Do not go up to them and say "This member should be permabanned!" Rather, come, with a screenshot, and say "This member was doing this and I didn't like it because of this."
2b) If something's not right, PM me or another mod/admin. It's that simple.
3) Be respectful to ALL members, not just the admins and moderators.
4) Advertising is NOT allowed ANYWHERE. This is a new site and we have need for members.
5) You may only have one account on here. The first time you're caught with multiple accounts, you'll be warned. Then, any time after that, actions will be taken.
6) There is no stealing any graphics from this site. At all. Ever. End of story.
7) Please keep all your text in English. Yes, some of us are bilingual, and that's awesome, but not everyone is.
8) No power abuse.


1) Keep it clean.
1a) No links to adult sites.
1b) No adult-appropriate discussions.
1c) No foul language.
2) Please avoid putting in large images. If you want to show off something you made, put a link to it, not the entire image.
3) No advertising. At all.
4) Please avoid arguments with other members.
5) Please show respect to staff and members.
6) If an Chatbox Moderator tells you to do something or not to do something, adhere to it. They have the right to ban you from the Chatbox.
7) No spamming or flooding at all.
8) No power abuse (i.e. no banning/kicking without proper cause).


Now, I put the Arena Rules in here because I want extra emphasis on what's forbidden. I will be monitoring this area quite closely as things can get heated.
1) Keep it civil.
1a) No foul language.
1b) No insulting.
2) Adhere to ALL Forum Posting Rules.
3) If a staff member tells you to stop doing something, then stop. It makes it easier on everybody.
4) No power abuse.

Now for the dreaded penalties.


1st Infraction: Verbal Warning
2nd Infraction: Deduction of 500 DP and demotion to Eraser Blue.
3rd Infraction: Deduction of 1000 DP, seven day ban, and demotion to Eraser
4th Infraction: Deduction of all DP, thirty day ban, and demotion to Eraser Blue.
5th Infraction: IP Ban
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Rules and Regulations
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